We Help You Grow Your Restaurant As Fast As A Technology Company With Our Hybrid Restaurant Model.

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Concepts Of All Types From $0-$500M Helped.

10,000+ Orders 

300+ Restaurant Concepts Successfully Grown.

What our clients are saying about OrderingAds.com And The Hybrid Restaurant Model...

Mark from Mixed Up Burgers had his biggest sales day ever during the pandemic.

Cindy's campaign got a 1632% Return On Investment with in 4 days of launch.

Nonna's Pizza generated 104 orders for $0.35 per order.

Richard's Cinco De Mayo campaign generated 2400 online orders in a single day.

Were helping Mark open a second location.

Pescatore got a 334% Return On Investment 10 days into working with OrderingAds.com.

Founder Tristen Larsen

Tristen Larsen's life obsession has been testing, learning and improving how restaurants grow.

That obsession has quickly made him the world's number on expert on scaling restaurants while maintaining and increasing higher profit margins.

He made a name for himself in this industry when we forged the concept of The Hybrid Business Model.

Tristen’s growth strategies have lead to millions of dollars in restaurant sales for concepts of all kinds from just starting to $1B in revenue. 

With OrderingAds.com Tristen and his team of world class marketers and restaurant experts have cracked the code on the biggest opportunity for growing a restaurant ever with the Hybrid Restaurant Model.

As Seen On Yahoo!, Apnews & More... 

The Hybrid Restaurant Model Generates Online & Instore Orders In A Completely Trackable, Predictable & Scalable Way.
  • ​Trackable: You know the exact return of every advertising dollar spent. Typically returns are 500-1000%.
  • ​Measurable: The Hybrid Restaurant Model is not posting on social media. The Hybrid Restaurant Model grows your restaurant in a way that can be measured and projected.
  • Predictable: There is no guess work, no "posting and praying" and no uncertainty. The Hybrid Restaurant Model produces a direct financial return.

We Believe 
You Are The...

As a result our core values when serving our clients are:

  • ​10X Results: We aim to make our clients ten times more than they spend with us.
  • 24 Hour Speed: We respond to clients within 24 hours, we launch campaigns in 24 hours and we work to serve you every 24 hours.
  • Measure & Share: We measure the results we produce for you and share them with you. We aim to focus on activities that produce measurable results.
  • ​Millionaire Service: Our intention is to treat each client like a millionaire. We obsess over new strategies, new promotions and new ways to grow our client's restaurant. 

A Few Success Stories Out Of Many...

Mark Roger spent tens of thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising and sales were stagnant. 6 months into working together and during a pandemic we helped him achieve his biggest sales day yet. $17,000 in additional sales during June.

Chris Brent, founder of Phil My Taco went from struggling in a small town in Utah to increasing total sales by 50-60% per week after 2 months of working with OrderingAds.com

Verisan founder of a small Italian restaurant in Denmark added an additional $7,000 a month in online orders during their slow season. A 1400% return.

Why The Hybrid Model Works So Well:

Step 1: We learn the ins and outs of your restaurant.

Step 2: We create an extensive 80 page audit/plan.

Step 3: We find ways you are leaving money on the table and make quick fixes.

Step 4: We create offers, promotions and persuasive reasons for customers to order.

Step 5: We add tracking code to measure sales.

Step 6: We set up a system for customer attraction, retention and re-targeting.

Step 7: We determine your customer acquisition cost.

Step 8: We share revenue reports with you.

Step 9: We scale our system to generate more revenue.

Step 10: We give you a 4 walls marketing training to improve instore efforts.

Step 11: Omnipresence is created and revenue is generated online & instore.

Step 12: We scale to achieve your goals.