Expert Consultant Position

**Attention Sales Super Stars**

Imagine working from home making $10,000+ a month and closing nothing but INBOUND leads.

If you're tired of cold calling, cold out reach, or doors slammed in your face... this position is for you.

OrderingAds.com  is looking for Sales SUPER STARS who want to make 50% upfront commission + 10% residual on $1000/month+ deals by helping restaurant owners live a better life.

 If you're average you'll make 50K.. if you're a super star you could make up to $500k and beyond. We don't care about your background, age or experience.. if you're a superstar we will know.

You must have a high level of integrity, self-confidence, persistence, and ambition. This is NOT easy, but you will receive training to make it easier. You must be willing to take rejection and keep on at it. Some days you might have 5-10 phone calls each 30minutes-1 hour-long..

BUT you will be handsomely rewarded for closing deals and you will grow into an unstoppable person capable of achieving greatness. 

If this is something you can handle, apply below and let's talk.

 ALL INBOUND LEADS! No prospecting, cold calling, appointment setting required!

Commission Structure:

25% upfront + 25% 30 days + 10% recurring commission on $1,000/month+ deals.

Watch this video then apply below:

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